About Somanda Consulting

About Somanda Consulting

The company was established to provide comprehensive Human Resource Services with the objective of assisting businesses reach their maximum potential through the development of its employees and Human Resource policies and procedures by providing a comprehensive range of Human Resources Solutions with a business focus.

The business climate is being faced with economic challenges and with additional problems of manpower planning, many companies would not attain their full potential and this in turn can crumble a business.

Every one of us in Somanda Consulting is passionate about helping businesses successfully navigate, manage, and develop everything related to the human resource aspect of their businesses.

With commitment, creativity and courage, we’re here to recommend and support HR and recruiting practices that will deliver positive results in your organization.

Our consultancy provides practical Human Resource solutions by understanding the business of our clients as every business has its own peculiarities.

Our Service Offerings Include

Our company proposes to service this assignment by providing experienced and responsible support personnel while keeping in cognizance your policies and procedures. The personnel are interviewed and appropriate skills assessed.

One-off Recruitment

We normally carry out a database search to check if we have suitable candidates whose profile match the position.
The short listed candidates will then be scheduled by us for independent interview with you after you have duly communicated the time, date and venue to us.
The final selected candidates will then be placed on a one- day re-orientation program with SOMANDA CONSULTING before final deployment to you.
Client Commitment: We believe that the client’s first proof of commitment to the mandate is to commit financially to it. This is as it would be if the client were desirous of purchasing a tangible asset. This indicator is set at 60% of the overall sum which you have accepted.
Client Satisfaction: Our commitment to delivering value requires that clients are satisfied. The final payment should be made after the recruitment process has been completed.

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Training & Capacity Building

The critical foundation for productivity is a motivated and well-trained workforce. SOMANDA CONSULTING offers a wide range of Training and Development programs that are tailor made to suite both the needs of the organization and its employees.

With our competent team of facilitators, staff and our experience, we help our clients to achieve their objectives, aspirations and potential by developing the knowledge, skills, motivation and also hiring the right staff to achieve set goals and objectives of the organization.

Training Courses

Leadership Skills
Attitude and Character
Contact Management (Effective Marketing)
Emotional Intelligence (EI)
Self Presentation and Public Speaking skills
Problem Solving and Decision Making Techniques
Effective Supervisory skills
Essential Marketing and key selling skills
Business Development Skills and tactics

Course Benefits

Acquired Mental tools to improve their performance
Learnt how to manage business relationships effectively
Learnt how to continually push self to improve
Learnt how to improve communication skills
Learnt how to handle conflicts in the workplace
Effective problem solving skills
Learnt how to handle complaints and difficult situations
Learnt ways of improving customer service
Service Mentality
Better customer service skills
Learnt how to close business deals

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